Not ‘Mincing’ My Words This Week…..

This was my ‘back to work after the holidays’ week. They’re always difficult those weeks, as the memories fade so quickly once you’re back in your usual routine that any attempt to hold on to them is like trying to catch smoke. Cooking foods you had while on holiday is always a good way to recreate a little of the magic though, so I decided to have a go at the little chicken patties my chum Julieanne made us when we stayed with her in Johannesburg. In order to do that though, I first had to invest in a mincer, as they require minced chicken and that’s not readily available here in good ole ‘norn ‘iron.

That may seem like an extravagance, but to be honest, we’d been thinking about investing in a meat mincer for a while as hubby loves the thought of sausages, but can’t eat shop bought ones that have a lot of unidentified processed bits and pieces in them. Having researched a bit online, I came to the conclusion that reviews are about as useful as chocolate fireguards in some cases. For every mincer I explored, there were about 2/3 as many 1 star reviews as 5 star, so I gave up and took advantage of this week’s offer in Lidl to purchase their own brand mincer which also makes biscuits, kebbe and can puree tomatoes – result!

As well as a new gadget, I also returned to two birthday presents that will further help me indulge my passion – a beautiful personalised oak chopping board from giant sons, courtesy of Bespoke Oak in Desertmartin and a cheese-making set from my good mate Kate. One has been used extensively already and the other is being eagerly anticipated. I’ll do a later blog on the cheesemaking as no doubt it will warrant one!

Lovely mother complained that last week’s blog was too long (again), so I’ll keep it fairly short this week. Just want to mention blackberries. One of my favourite fruits and free at this time of year if you’re lucky enough to live near hedgerows (which I am). I picked a bunch while out with the dog one day and there were enough left on Sunday to make a beautiful spiced compote for my ‘eggy bread’ – yum.

And finally, back to those chicken patties. My new mincer worked a treat for mincing up a few chicken breasts to make thai-inspired patties flavoured with chilli, lime and coriander and they went down very well indeed with hubby, so I can see plenty of future variations on a theme with those. Do give them a try – they’d work just as well with turkey mince, which is easier to get your hands on over here and which is also very low calorie – double result!

Recipes from this week’s blog…


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