One for my Baby…

I have been utterly dire at blogging so far. Having set up the site almost a year ago and filled with good intentions, I discovered that I am very interested in cooking, baking and experimenting with food, but I am completely uninterested in and consequently rubbish at, taking pictures of it. A food blog doesn’t really work without pictures, hence, every time I make something great and think, “ooh, must put that one on the blog”, I realise too late that it’s been scoffed and no photographic evidence has been obtained.

I’ve been trying hard to get better and am on the verge of taking the plunge to buy a new camera, in the hope that my photographer friend Linda will teach me how to use it in exchange for a few cookery lessons. I’m trying not to think about the “old dog new tricks” adage, as it’s likely to apply to us both and thinking about it will just give me another excuse to abandon the blog again until 2018!

So, I’ve been taking pics and now need to get up to speed with uploading a few recipes to go with them, but in the meantime, this weekend is my youngest’s 14th birthday and so, the food choices at home have been led by him. Therefore, expect quantity and family classics to dominate.

Today’s request was for enchiladas, so I humbly acquiesced and made my own version – Enchiladas with chicken, chorizo and black beans, served with spiced potato cubes. It went down well. As no specific dessert had been requested, I took the opportunity to opt for something I fancied trying out. I’ve been catching up on the latest season of Masterchef and quite a few of the contestants have been making some version of a frangipane tart. Having never before made frangipane, I decided that today would be the day. I consulted my new cookery bible, The Ballymaloe Cookery Course (if you don’t have it, I strongly recommend it – it has EVERYTHING a half decent cook who wants to improve could possibly want) and found the recipe I needed to get me started, then, as is my wont, I made a few tweaks. The result was a rather delicious plum and frangipane tart that I will no doubt be making again!

Here’s hoping this is the first of many blogs as I resolve to do better. Much better.

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  1. noel says:

    excellent blog, tried out the recipes and found them surprisingly easy to follow. Simple steps to great tasting food. Ever thought about opening your own place?

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