Not ‘Mincing’ My Words This Week…..

This was my 'back to work after the holidays' week. They're always difficult those weeks, as the memories fade so quickly once you're back in your usual routine that any attempt to hold on to them is like trying to catch smoke. Cooking foods you had while on holiday is always a good way to … Continue reading Not ‘Mincing’ My Words This Week…..

Supper Club a la Mexicana

So, after many, many weeks of planning and preparations, the big night finally came on Saturday past. My first supper club (I did start out calling it a bistro night, but was warned off by the competition! A story for another time perhaps). I held it at The Whistle Stop Cafe in Whitehead, which is … Continue reading Supper Club a la Mexicana

London Calling…. and Thailand….. and Greece….

So how did you spend the hottest weekend of the year so far? I spent mine in two different London cookery schools learning to cook Thai and Greek. This was my 'big' birthday present. Two classes, flights, hotel and all the trimmings. Finding an available weekend to book a trip away is pretty tricky in … Continue reading London Calling…. and Thailand….. and Greece….

Mexican Night Preparations Part 2

So a couple of weeks ago I promised to come back and share more of the recipes that will feature in my first pop-up restaurant night later this month. It's less than two week away now and in the meantime, I have a trip to London this weekend to attend Jamie Oliver's Cookery School for … Continue reading Mexican Night Preparations Part 2

A Feast for Friends

Follow my blog with Bloglovin A while ago I had a short trip to Macedonia with work. Not the ancient Macedonia in Greece, but the neighbouring Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Not a place I ever expected or indeed desired to visit, but it was a very enjoyable trip and I learned a little about … Continue reading A Feast for Friends