I’m Gillian. I live in a small town called Whitehead on the north coast of Northern Ireland and I love to cook, bake and eat. From talking to friends, I know that not everyone has the confidence to experiment and try new things, often sticking to the same recipes week in, week out. I hope I can show here that it really is simple to make something quick and delicious when you come home from work and that, with a bit more time at weekends, you can create beautiful food for friends and family with the minimum of skill.

I will use this site to indulge my twin passions for food and writing and hopefully pass on some great recipes and ideas for simple tasty food along the way.

My big weakness at the minute is photos. I’m rubbish at taking pictures and generally only think to do so after the event, which is a bit late where food is concerned, because generally speaking, in a house shared by a very tall and continually hungry fire-fighter and two fast-growing and insatiable teenage boys, food doesn’t hang around long enough to allow me to remember to take a pic!

I’ve been procrastinating about publishing this blog for a couple of months now, afraid that I hadn’t the time to upload enough recipes before going public, but I fear that if I keep waiting until I have ‘enough’, I’ll never get around to it. So, I’m taking a leaf from my younger son’s book and just starting in. He has a youtube site dedicated to cubing and he’s building a steady following on there by posting regularly and just getting on with it and not worrying about being perfect. I’ll aim to post regularly, but only when I have something to say.

Please feel free to comment and send in your own recipes for me to feature.