And now for something completely…. Eastern

I’ve been channelling my ‘eastern’ bunny (geddit?!) these last few weeks, dipping into various recipe concoctions a la Ottolenghi, Sabrina Ghayour and my favourite Masterchef champion of them all, Dhruv Baker. In fact, I went on quite a cookery book spree over the holidays following a trip to the library and also a few swapsies with work friends. My family have been subject to all sorts of experimental dishes, but in fairness, no-one’s complained too loudly.

The only things my teenage sons sometimes complain about is the sheer number of cookery books taking up space in our kitchen. And then I buy or borrow more. So, in an effort to justify their existence a little and also because I do like to read reviews of cookery books before splashing out, I’ve decided to start a section on Book Reviews. Each month I’ll review a different cookery book – either one I already own (which will give me a great excuse to revisit and focus on my existing library) or one I’ve borrowed. I start this month with a rather glowing review of Sirocco by Sabrina Ghayour.

I’ve only included one of her recipes here so far – the Citrus and Za’atar Roast Chicken – but trust me, others will follow. In fact if I’d been a bit more organised on Saturday past and taken pics of the lovely salmon and salads I made from this book, I’d have included them too. However, fear not – they are definitely due a return visit and I promise to snap and post next time!

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