Apples – Saucy, Tarty or just Plain Crumbly?

Autumn. My favourite season. Season of woolly jumpers, cosy nights by the fire, golden leaves, crisp weekend walks and apples. All of these things I love and most especially the trees in our garden, picture perfect for a few weeks with delicious red and green apples.

I have no idea what variety the red apples might be – just that they’re very tart and not really to my taste. The green are easy – big, bold bramleys, perfect for cooking. The biggest problem I have at this time of year is finding ways to use the windfalls before the garden wildlife get there and spoil the bounty.

Last weekend after a particularly windy night, the grass was laden with windfallen bramleys – more than enough for the usual crumble that hubs likes to make, so I stewed some for a sauce to accompany the roast pork with crackling I was making for Sunday lunch. That didn’t do it. Next day I decided to use another batch and made an apple tart. It was one of my best, so I’m glad to share it here.

Keeping with the apple theme, albeit using dried rings this time, I had a go at Jamie Oliver’s Apple Crumble Cookies. This is one of his 5 Ingredients recipes from the new series/book. I’ve been watching, despite not being a big Jamie fan – he does a little too much ooohing and aaaahing for my liking and, much as I love food, it’s just not credible to get that excited over a plate of pasta.

I know a lot of people will be seduced by his promise of beautiful, quick dinners with very few ingredients. Simplicity is what he appears to sell, but for me, it’s disingenuous. Unless you can afford the very, very best ingredients, many of these recipes are a real compromise and just don’t quite work in my view. I’ve tried a few now and find myself wanting to add extra ingredients as something usually seems to be missing.

His Apple Crumble Cookies, tried and tested here, are less of a compromise, but still, I feel, need something else – I’m just not sure what it is! Have them with a hot drink and I think you’ll be happy enough – they’re certainly easy to make.

I’m writing this in the midst of storm Ophelia – the biggest and baddest weather event to hit the island of Ireland in many years – so no doubt I’ll have another bounty of windfalls tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be mixed with roof slates or solar panels as I have no idea what I’d make with those!

Recipes in this post:

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