Something old, something new, something borrowed….

So, in the many weeks since I last posted, I’ve held my second supper club and it went really well. The feedback was great and afterwards I had a lot of requests for future nights and plenty of pre-bookings for my next event. Unfortunately, the new manager of the cafe I’d been using isn’t interested in letting me do future nights just now, so I’ll need to find a new venue if I want to continue. I’m taking stock and thinking about my options just now, but naturally, that hasn’t stopped me cooking and baking, so I’ll keep on sharing some of those recipes on here if that’s ok with you.

This week I thought I’d share a family favourite and something I make pretty regularly when there’s a few bananas starting to go brown in the fruit bowl – Best Ever Banana Bread. I also thought I’d share a new recipe I tried recently – Black Rice Pudding with Coconut, Pineapple and Lime. It’s a great choice for after a Thai or Asian meal – rich, creamy rice that almost has a chocolatey taste even though there’s no chocolate involved, and a lovely caramelised pineapple with lime and coconut to cut through the richness.

So that’s my something old and something new, but what about my something borrowed? It is quite simply the very best discovery I have EVER made. It’s not related to cooking, but it does use a few cooking ingredients and is pretty much miraculous. I know it’s not new. In fact it’s as old as the hills, but I can’t believe how much better it is than commercial cleaners – even the max strength ones.

Today I found a FB post I’d saved to my iPad a couple of years back, but had never used. It was for a failsafe grout cleaner and given that my kitchen floor tiles have never ever looked clean since the day and hour they were put down, I thought I might give it a try. My floor tiles have a rough, pitted surface, so the dirt gathers in all the little crevices and is impossible to clean properly. I’ve tried industrial strength floor cleaner, all the commercial brands, bleach and a scrubbing brush on my hands and knees and none of them have ever given me the results I got from the following:

  • 7 cups water
  • 1/2 cup soda crystals or bicarb of soda
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup vinegar

Mix it up and decant into a spray bottle. Spray on the tiles, leave for 10 mins or so and then use a long-handled scrubbing or deck brush to agitate before mopping off with an ordinary floor mop. Fantastic as it was, it took the entire day to clean my kitchen, dining area and utility thoroughly, but on many many occasions I was heard to exclaim “this is just like the Flash ad – amazing!”

See the results for yourself. Embarrassing or what?!

I had NO IDEA my floor was so filthy! It gets washed regularly with Flash, Cif, whatever, but clearly I’ve been wasting my time and my money. That’s the end of me buying commercial cleaners, which as well as being useless, are also full of chemicals.

Anyway, that’s my something borrowed and I’d encourage you to borrow it for yourself – you’ll love the results!

Recipes in this post:

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