Peaches, Prosecco, Parmesan and other Italian foods beginning with ‘P’

This month’s Delicious Magazine is an Italian special and it’s been well thumbed, referred to and splattered with sticky ingredients this week as I’ve tried out a number of the recipes in the name of research for my next Supper Club. It’s Italian-themed (no kidding!) and will take place once again at The Whistle Stop cafe in Whitehead on 2 September.

My always-willing taster Kate joined me on Saturday night to try out four of the Delicious recipes – the Squid and Chorizo Risotto, Aubergine Involtini, Peach Bellini Panacotta and a Tiramisu (courtesy of Nigella rather than Delicious) plus a chocolate gelato – apparently a healthy version, also from Delicious (will post recipe later). We were hungry and impatient and didn’t think to take pics until we got to dessert, so I can’t post the recipes for the risotto or involtini this week, but the panacotta made it in!

During the week an old family favourite got another run out – Chicken Parmigiana with Tagliatelle – and I’ve decided that this one will make it on to the menu for the Supper Club. Joining it at this stage is another recipe from Delicious – Roasted Cod with Green Lentils, Pancetta and Parsley Sauce. That was our Sunday dinner and it was just beautiful and much enjoyed by my two teenage boys who were sceptical to say the least when they saw the green lentils, but found it really tasty.

No doubt by September the family will be sick of Italian food, but hey, a girl’s gotta practice!  Next up I’m on the hunt for the perfect Tiramisu recipe, so feel free to share any you’d recommend. I’ll also be trying Giorgio Locatelli’s Lemon and Mascarpone Tart recipe from his Made in Italy – Food and Stories book, which was a fantastic second-hand buy from Amazon and one I can see becoming a bit of a passion book. It makes me want to hop on the next plane to anywhere in Italy and find a little village where I can sample the lifestyle and the simple pleasures of good food in the Italian sunshine.

Admittedly, on Saturday, which was a beautifully warm day in Whitehead I felt almost transported to Italy as I cooked my Delicious menu whilst playing an Italian cafe playlist on Spotify with every window open. ‘That’s Amore’ it seems, is the perfect accompaniment whilst stirring a saffron-scented risotto for 20 minutes. We may have to find something a little more contemporary for the Supper Club night mind you.

Recipes in this post:

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