Mexican Night Preparations Part 2

So a couple of weeks ago I promised to come back and share more of the recipes that will feature in my first pop-up restaurant night later this month. It’s less than two week away now and in the meantime, I have a trip to London this weekend to attend Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School for a ‘Thai Feast’ class and the Waitrose Cookery School for a ‘Greek Street Food’ class. While I’m very much looking forward to the classes, I have to say recent events are making me a little apprehensive about going to London, which, as a resident of Northern Ireland, is a little ironic I guess!

Anyway, because next weekend is pretty much out in terms of prep time, I’ve been trying to get my planning in order this weekend a little. Just working out things like, “how many of each type of dish will we need?”, “when will I get the shopping done?” “what colour napkins will we use?” and other life-shatteringly important questions.

I mentioned in Mexican Night Preparations Part 1 that the little Empanada pasties I’d chosen to make were a bit of a gift and one of the main reasons for that is that they can be made in advance and frozen uncooked and they taste just as good as if they were made fresh that day. So, I spent this weekend making making about 80 Sweet Potato and Black Bean Empanadas and getting those out of the way. I also had a go at making my own flour tortillas, following the tuition at the Mexican Cookery Class last weekend. I had this notion that I could make those, freeze them and reheat them on the night. It was the only way I could get them the size I wanted in my opinion, but having made 9 of them for fajitas for Saturday night dinner, the thought of having to make 10 times that over the course of a few evenings is causing me to view the ready-made variety in a whole new and very positive light! Maybe next time….

The other dish I’m sharing this week is the Spiced Salmon Tacos with Avocado Cream. Having made this for the first time for the practice night a few weeks ago, my lovely friends and I were all blown away by the freshness and lightness of this dish. Only half a dozen of the 26 customers have chosen this option over the beef, but I think there will be dinner-envy when the main courses come out as this one is super-tasty thanks to the gorgeously yummy (and rather colourful) avocado cream.

Tracy who runs the Whistle Stop Cafe has said I can definitely do other pop-up nights if this one goes well and as she’s decided not to sell the place for now, I’m already wondering what cuisine I might try next. Maybe Thai or Greek if I’m inspired by my London trip next week – who knows? Of course, this is all assuming I don’t have a nervous breakdown on 24 June as I try to dish up 26 meals for the first time in my life. Youngest son has already said he’s staying well out of my way that day. Whatever can he mean?

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  1. Joan Gormley says:

    I’m so sad to be missing the 24th but look forward to further delectable tasting menus from you. I might even try or two myself!


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