Speedy Spicy Supper No.2

I’ve just returned from a lovely overnight stay at the Slieve Donard Hotel in Newcastle Co. Down. It was really lovely – relaxing and indulgent and with some really nice food thrown in. I had no camera with me and my phone is tragically bad for photos, so I have no pics of the yummy grub, but I have to say the Bushmills Whiskey creme brulee was just beautiful and has boosted my motivation to either get my blow torch fixed or replace it with a more sturdy model so I can make my own.

It was nice to have food made for me, but on one or two occasions this week I’ve made something really quick and tasty after work, using a couple of cheats ingredients and I thought I’d share another one of them with you. I’ve given the recipe here for my Chilli Prawn and Pea Noodles, which is really tasty, but the other one which I really loved this week used leftover roast chicken and thai curry flavours and was even nicer. So nice in fact that I had it finished before I even thought to take a pic, so I’ll have to come back to that one another time.

The cheat ingredient both dishes shared was those ‘ready to wok’ style pre-cooked noodles. I’m not generally a fan of ready cooked rice and noodles, but I do tend to keep a pack or two in the cupboard for ’emergencies’, such as when I’m home late and I need the boys to fix their own dinner! So, I had some of Lidl’s ready cooked chilli noodles in the cupboard and decided to combine them with some prawns, peas and ginger for a quick supper and the results were very good indeed. I think both this dish and the thai chicken noodle dish that I didn’t get a pic of, may become regulars. Nothing luxurious or indulgent about either, but the washing up is minimal, which is always a bonus!

Recipes from this post


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