Rescue Plan for a Stale Tiger Loaf

Pretty much every weekend I buy a loaf of Tiger Bread from my local supermarket giant. It generally doesn’t last too long with two teenage boys around who think any slice thinner than the Oxford English Dictionary is a sign that rationing’s been brought back into force.

If, however we get to Sunday morning and still have a slice or two left, the promise of some cinnamon-crusted eggy bread soon sees it used up while it’s still fresh.

This past weekend, I didn’t take into account that one son was away in the Mournes on a Duke of Ed camping trip, while the other was temporarily off his food. The Tiger Loaf I bought on the way home on Friday night was untouched and had gone quite stale by Sunday lunchtime, so I needed a rescue plan. Tiger bread or any kind of crusty bread doesn’t make great breadcrumbs, so I ruled that out. I considered croutons, but, I hadn’t any soup made and was in search of more instant (and sweet) gratification.

Despite the summery, almost tropical weather, I couldn’t get the idea of a rich, creamy bread and butter pudding out of my head and I fancied one with a bitter orange twist. So, a marmalade bread and bread and butter pudding was the order of the day. If I were making it again, I think I’d finely grate some orange rind over and add a splash of whiskey to the custard mix. I didn’t do that this time, but have added both to the recipe as I am certain they’ll add another layer of yumminess to the flavour.

As you’ll see from the recipe, all the crust was cut from the loaf, but that didn’t go to waste either and the birds got a feast of crumbs!

Recipe from this post

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